First batch is now available for purchase
Because I'm making these first few by hand, there are not a lot of them.
They will likely sell out shortly. Update: they're sold out.
If you are an early adopter, and are prepared to share feedback, go ahead and buy one!


What you get:

  • The Deep Work Mate hardware device
  • 1 x USB-C cable
  • FREE Express Shipping
  • Zero-waste packing, carbon offset shipping


What you get:

  • Powerful motivation on tap: accountability
  • Web app (Pictured above)
  • iPhone App
  • Automatic weekly email (hours & trends)
  • New features rolling out all the time, like:
    • Export to CSV / Spreadsheet
    • Zapier, Webhooks, API, new integrations
    • More graphs, trends, insights
  • Premium phone support

Watch the 2 minute video on why it works.


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Device: FREE
Service: $100 USD Annually.


Device: $70 USD
Service: $5 USD Monthly.

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